Budongo forest Uganda

Investigating the impacts of environmental Forest Landscape Restoration on local livelihoods in Uganda

17th March 2022

The TREETOPS project is looking at the impacts of environmental Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) work on local livelihoods in Masindi district, Uganda. Evidence for Development are working on this NERC funded project with the Walker Institute (University of Reading), Makerere University, Uganda and Ecotrust, the Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda.

Despite a recent focus on ‘nature based’ solutions for the climate emergency, and the importance of restoring biodiversity in degraded forest landscapes, there has been relatively little work on the socio-economic and livelihood impacts of these approaches. However, the long-term sustainability of environmental projects requires mutual benefits to both natural and human systems.

EfD is making a small financial contribution to the project’s multidisciplinary field work, that will enable partners from Makerere University, (College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences) and Ecotrust to build their household economy field assessment skills.

Partners were introduced to HEA and IHM methodology in the recent ALiVE training courses and will be mentored in the field by EfD Senior Associate, James Acidri, who is leading a HEA study in the TREETOPS study area (the Budongo Sugar Cane, Timber and Maize subzone within Masindi district.)  Data from this study will form the baseline for future environment- livelihoods project impact monitoring.

The training which partners received as part of ALiVE, will enable them to continue this work after the TREETOPS project has come to an end.



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