Capacity development

Evidence for Development works with organisations and individuals to build their skills in household economy methodology and livelihoods analysis. UK based training is conducted in partnership with the Walker Academy, part of the Walker Institute at the University of Reading. We link with the Institute’s global research partners to promote interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and dialogue, with local and international agencies and with other universities in the UK and Africa.

Our capacity building activities involve both field-based training and ‘classroom based’ learning, with a strong interdisciplinary climate-livelihoods focus. Training is delivered through UK-based courses and project based work. When travel was suspended during the Covid 19 pandemic, we responded by focusing on distance learning, and with our partners in the Walker Institute, launched the ALiVE HEA and IHM foundation courses. Details of courses can be found here.

We design our training to produce skilled practitioners in household economy measurement and modelling, who have a broad understanding of livelihoods analysis and its links with other disciplines including climate science and social protection. For example, we contribute to a knowledge synthesis training course (CREST) delivered by the Walker Academy. This introduces students from the UK Research Councils’ highly competitive Doctoral Training Programmes to household economy measurement and modelling. The aim in all our courses is to equip trainees to work with national and international organisations to improve programme impact and aid effectiveness. We focus on building local expertise that will contribute to policies and projects that reflect local needs, priorities and capabilities.

Since 2010, over 150 IHM practitioners have been trained across Africa . This has enabled Evidence for Development’s partner organisations to put in place systems that make their programmes more accountable to donors and more responsive to the needs and capabilities of the people with whom they work.

We also provide training and research opportunities to promising graduates and have an active intern programme.

Please contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist you or your organisation, or about any of the current training opportunities listed below.

Current training opportunities
Household Economy Methodology: Foundation Level
IHM Certification