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Evidence for Development is a registered UK charity (number 1109840). All donations help us to maintain and expand our work reducing poverty and building local knowledge and skills.

As well as developing research methods and technology to help identify vulnerable populations and plan effective humanitarian and development programmes, Evidence for Development works to improve the impact and accountability of these programmes – making your money and that of other donors go much further.

By supporting Evidence for Development, you will be contributing to:

  • More effective use of humanitarian, development and poverty-reduction resources.
  • Better strategic decision-making and greater accountability for funders, government agencies and NGOs.
  • The development and promotion of leading-edge analytical tools, freely available through open source software.
  • Local training to ensure that skills can be maintained and enhanced over time.

You can donate now and also raise money for us – click here to find out how.

Contact us if you would like more information or help with supporting Evidence for Development, or if (for example) you would like to arrange a special kind of donation.