Gary Sawdon

Senior Associate

Gary is a food security and livelihoods expert with more than 20 years of technical leadership and senior management experience, with an emphasis on hunger and vulnerability information systems linked to national and regional policy formulation and development responses. He also has a proven track record in social protection, household economy, food security and livelihood issues relating to a wide range of socioeconomic, cultural, ecological, and resource management factors.

Gary has worked extensively in southern and eastern Africa, including Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, South Sudan and Kenya, and has extensive experience in collaborating with regional and national governments, NGOs, research institutes, and donors. He has been recognized for outstanding performances in research, project proposal development, team building, and implementation. Gary is experienced in design, planning, management, and evaluation of multi-year development programs, as well as institutional management and capacity building.

Gary has a BA in Political Science and Sociology from Vancouver Community College and an MES in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management from York University, Canada.