Rural livelihoods data collection in Homa Bay, Kenya

5th May 2018

Over the last few weeks, Household Economy Approach (HEA) and Individual Household Method (IHM) fieldwork studies have been completed in the Homa Bay, Kisumu District of Kenya.  This work forms part of the assessment of climate change impacts in Lake Victoria basin within the HyCRISTAL project. HyCRISTAL is a Future Climate for Africa project, which is developing pathways for new climate research to support the resilience of rural communities vulnerable to climate change, with an emphasis on the sectors of agriculture and fishing, and in the context of other drivers of change such as shifts in land-use and population growth.

EfD’s Dr John Seaman led the HEA work, using our new HEA software for data entry and analysis, and EfD Associate Stella Ngoleka led the IHM work with academics from Gulu University, Uganda, who have been previously trained in the methodology.

As part of this work, a collaboration with Maseno University in Kenya has meant that as well as providing data, this study has also provided a fantastic opportunity to introduce a group of social science students to both IHM and HEA methodologies.


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