Minimising flood impacts in Uganda: NIMFRU project update

28th February 2020

The NIMFRU project is bringing together data from multiple sources to better prepare communities and local disaster response agencies for flood events in Uganda.

Currently work is taking place in the Katakwi district, where HEA and IHM baseline studies have recently been completed. Community engagement activities have provided farmers with detailed seasonal weather forecasts and advice on the best crops to plant in the predicted conditions, together with the best timing of preparations to minimise flood impacts. This community engagement has included Farmer Listening Groups, local radio programmes and Agro-Met village meetings (FAMVACs).

The meetings and radio programmes have been comprehensively documented, providing a wealth of information that will be used to inform a series of Use Cases, which are driving the next phase of work on the IDAPS platform. Importantly, this work will include a livelihoods-flood impact-based forecasting extension to the platform.



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