Fishing baskets in Katakwi District, Uganda

Floods, droughts, locusts and Covid: a longitudinal study of the past 4 years in Katakwi, Uganda

9th April 2022

The NIMFRU project was designed to provide livelihoods impact-based flood forecasting. An extension on the project implemented in Katakwi District, Uganda, has meant that EfD Senior Associate James Acidri was able to return with Duncan Ongeng (Gulu University) to carry out a quantitative, longitudinal HEA study in one of the livelihood zones which was first surveyed early in 2018.

With detailed information now spanning four consecutive years, initial feedback from James highlights the multiple hazards facing villages in this zone. These range from flooding to drought, dry spells and locusts,  against the backdrop of COVID-19, which closed down most trade out of the area between 2020 and 2021. Over the coming months, James will be leading on the analysis of the study data, along with EfD and Walker Institute colleagues.


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