27th April 2018

Earlier this week, Dr Celia Petty and Dai Clegg participated in the HyCRISTAL AGM in Kampala, Uganda. HyCRISTAL is a Future Climate for Africa project, which is developing methodologies for new climate research to support the resilience of rural communities vulnerable to climate change, with an emphasis on the sectors of agriculture and fishing, and in the context of other drivers of change such as shifts in land-use and population growth.

The meeting included representatives from across the consortium including meteorologists, hydrologists, urban infrastructure and WATSAN (water and sanitation) specialists. EfD’s contribution, bringing together climate, agriculture and livelihoods data through the Integrated Database for African Policymakers (IDAPS) platform has opened up a ‘pathway’ to policy dialogue which is a key objective of the project.

Evidence for Development were mentioned by the keynote speaker, Rt Hon Cecilia Ogwal, Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan parliament, who is supporting the adoption of HEA and the IDAPS platform by Uganda’s National emergency commission (NECOC).

Dai Clegg led a second IDAPS workshop with local government and civil society stakeholders, which produced a set of user priorities for the next phase of IDAPS development work. This will help to establish IDAPS as the pre-eminent tool for managing and modelling data relating to climate-livelihoods impacts, with potential to extend into other areas.


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