EfD and the Walker Institute

In April 2016, Evidence for Development relocated its office to the University of Reading where it is now an independent entity within the Walker Institute.

There is a close match between the Walker Institute’s mission and our own. The Institute is pioneering a more integrated approach to understanding and predicting the effects of climate on human society and is able to bring together international expertise from groups working in meteorology, geography, agriculture, biological sciences and statistics. EfD is contributing its deep knowledge of rural economies in Africa, its methods for measuring and modelling the impacts of shocks and changes at household level, and its innovative use of information technology to provide operationally useful analysis.

We are working with the Walker Institute on a number of initiatives, including the prestigious HyCRISTAL project in East Africa, and the ASPIRE project in the Sahel, funded through DfID and the World Bank.

We are also involved in a range of capacity development initiatives with Walker, through the Walker Academy.

In addition to contributing to the interdisciplinary work of the Institute and collaborating closely on a number of initiatives, we are continuing our research and capacity building activities with other partners in Africa and the UK, as well as developing our own new research and analytical tools.